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A Preemie Mama Should Have…

I have never thought I would do this but, here is my review on something every preemie mama SHOULD have for their little one. Maybe not a MUST have, but it does help and it may be a bit to pricey for most but even second hand its worth the investment.

This “product” is the MaMaRoo by 4mom.


The reason why I am talking about this over other swings and chairs is because we are told not to over stimulate our little ones, and to me this proved to have the right amount of stimulation for my former 24-weeker. We had bought him a regular rocking chair and he would fuss and didn’t like it in the least, we tried another swing and again was the same thing, there was so much going on that he would get over stimulated or scared. Then while in the NICU we remembered the MaMaRoo, and how much he loved it! You can change all your settings to have different types of side to side rocking motions, as well as the intensity of the motion.

We loved the Kangaroo setting on low for bed time, or even right after meals it was nice and never caused an upset tummy or aggravated his reflux in the least.

We also like the Car Ride on medium when we are at height of playtime. They have a mobile at the top with plush balls that you can either change from bright fun colors to black and white to, again, not cause over stimulation with your little one.


The base includes the rocking motions and settings, as well as pre programed noises such as crickets or white noise for background features, but there is also an AUX cable and input available for you to hook up your phone or iPod to play through the MaMaRoo speakers. I like listening to music and dancing about with my little one when its playtime and when I am cleaning, before I could bounce him around and play, I would put music on through there and have his set up so I could clean or do dishes with him close. We had him on music therapy in the NICU so the speakers were nice to help continue that with him.


You can change the incline so easy and painless even while your little one is in there. We used ours as a high chair on the most upright incline, and he loved it!


Also we didn’t want to co sleep but with the trouble we had with him in the start of being home and being on oxygen, we would recline it all the way back set it up beside out bed and have him sleep there. I know a bassinet would have been good too, but our bed is so low that I could look right at him and see his face with minimal effort at night with him in this right by my bed.


They also have the inserts for those extra small special miracles that get to go home. And it helps a lot without putting pressure on any part of your little one for long periods of time.


This is the face of a preemie baby that Approves! It taught him how to grab at the mobile balls and he could figure out how to take them out and play with them and I had very little to worry about when he did. He even would use them as a pillow on occasions.

It is a very expensive product at $269.99(Canadian), not including the insert which is an additional cost. But we got over 14 months of use out of ours at home as well as an additional 3 months in the NICU, and it can be packed back up for the next one.

But you can get it used and it should still be still in great condition. I know that some get donated to the NICUs and it would be worth a test run there with your little one.

Thanks for reading!!

Talk to you all soon!!


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