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Working Mom

Being a working mom is hard, because you are splitting your time and energy between trying to give it all you have got at work to get what you need done to provide for your family. Then you come home and give it even more to be the best mother and wife you can be. There isn’t a lot of time for you to have a break and relax.
I work from 11:30 at night until 07:30 in the morning; I go an pick up DJ from the sitter, who has her own little one which is why she can only watch for a short time. DJ and I come home and we play and clean and cook and play. Yes there are naps, for him…. But I have so much to do on the daily that it doesn’t happen for me, well once and a while…
Hubby gets home about 4 and we eat together I pawn our happy little boy off on him and I go to bed from 5 ish… till 1030/11 then back to work I go. This is the normal Monday to Friday and it may seem exhausting, and trust me it is, it really truly is, but I get to spend the most time with my little boy. We can still go to the park and play, we can go to pool and go on happy awesome adventures that I am sure he won’t remember but it makes me happy seeing how happy he gets over seeing a tiger at the zoo, touching a cow or a goat. There is more joy in that, and it makes the very little sleep I get during the week worth it.
But if you told me tomorrow I could be a full time stay at home mom; you are damn rights I am going to take it!! But for now this schedule works and my son doesn’t have to go to daycare and gets the full mommy daddy experience that I had always hoped for.


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