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Hello Fresh – Kung Pow Mushrooms Review

I cleaned scrubbed and got my kitchen health department A+ clean to do this, so enjoy.

I am still not sponsored by Hello Fresh, but they gave me the OK to share recipes I liked and here is a vegetarian one that I tweaked a little. 


So as I am cooking for not only me but my 2 year old as well, and I have a pepper/chilli allergy I did not use the Chilli paste or the Chilli Cashews.

 It still turned out so awesome and yummy!

It says you need a large pan and a large pot… I used a large pot and a medium pot because as I read the directions there was no way my largest pan could accommodate all that food. 

So the prep work was easy, cut up the green onions and dived the. Evenly into 2 small bowls, peel and finely chop the ginger and put in another small bowl, then roughly chop the mushrooms, at least cut them in half. (Please note the typo if you can.)

Start the rice, fry up the ginger, seasme oil, half the green onions and mushroom till they looked cooked… They say golden brown, but I didn’t know exactly what that looked like, so once that is done, toss in everything else

Once the Broccoli is soft and steamed right, you toss in the rice and Stir it all up, let sit for a minute off heat, serve and enjoy!!

My son had 2 helpings, I had one and I gave the rest to my dad and brother who were living the bachelor life style while my mom was away. And even the next day reheated, my dad said it was still very good! 

I have had 2 meals from Hello Fresh and have not been disappointed yet! 

I did skio the next few weeks of deliveries as we will be very busy and won’t be home to meet the truck. But once we start again If you guys like these I will gladly post more recipes and reviews on the meals. 

Please let me know!

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Love, Hearts, and Pretty Things

Ashton ❤


2 thoughts on “Hello Fresh – Kung Pow Mushrooms Review

  1. That looks like a super delicious recipe! Ive always been intrigued by these box deliveries for one to two meals..we had a boy come at the door a few weeks ago to register for grocery delivery from a fresh market place. I dont know if we have any of the types you have in our area but definitely in toronto, i know they did. Ill see online if we have something like this. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I am the same way i like 1 or 2 meals in a box but that 3rd one is a way of trying something outside your comfort zone and you can always substitute. We got a shrimp stir fry once and I am the only one who likes sea food, so I fried up chicken for my husband and son.
      I wish we had fresh market delivery but we do have a farmers market every spring summer and fall I take advantage of

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