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NICU Advice For Moms of Micro Preemies

This is what I have learned and what I would like to pass on to moms about to embark on the same journey we did almost 3 years ago now. I have 10 points of advice that I wish another mom would have told me right from the start, as the first week is just… Continue reading NICU Advice For Moms of Micro Preemies

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Fed Is Best

I have always tried to stay away from controversial topics such as Breast Feeding vs. Formula feedings. So this post is 100% completely my opinion and my experience. If you want to exclusively breast feed, good for you! Rock it out! I will be the mom giving you a smile and thumbs up in the… Continue reading Fed Is Best

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Growing Up

Is there anyway to stop your kids from growing up? To keep them your sweet little ones just a little bit longer? I feel like i blinked and these past two years flew by, he’s not my cuddle bug anymore. He doesn’t wanna fall asleep in my arms or just sit on my lap and… Continue reading Growing Up

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Pintrest Fails

I always wanted to be the Pinterest mom… And from a few past blog posts you guys knew that too… And by the title you guys know how well that panned out aswell…. But here I am… Just over 2 months away from Tater Tot arriving and changing Spuds sleep schedule before she gets here… Continue reading Pintrest Fails

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Bed Time Dilemma

Good Early Morning Everyone, Hubby and I have entered a new dilemma and are unsure how to proceed. Spud will be 2 years old actual in June, but only 20 months corrected. He currently fights bed time but only slightly, due to the fact he is behind bars at bed time, he also only knows… Continue reading Bed Time Dilemma