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Homemade Cleaner By Accident

When we moved into out apartment, we got hit with a nasty HUGE fruit fly infestation, and we were having a very hard time controling it. It would die down then pick up again right away! We did traps, scrubbed the house up and down Daily, flushed drains with baking soda and vinegar, nothing was working!!

I was at the end of my rope when my grandma, oh those grandma’s, told me about a spray, it was 3 tablespoons of Dawn Dish washing soap, 1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar, and 4 cups water. Shook it up in a spray bottle and where you saw a swarm, spray them! 

The soap would get them to stick, and also poison them when they ate it! The vinigar would attract more who would get stuck and die! I would vacuum the dry spot in the wall later on and with in 2 days they were ALL GONE!!

So after a few months they never came back, and I was struggling on how to clean the 2 high chairs we had. My son was showing signs of being allergic to my other cleaners, and I was scared to use stronger ones because of my daughters sensitive skin, or more diluted ones wouldn’t get the job done.

Enter Grandma’s Miracle Bug Spray!

I thought, why not, sprayed the high chairs down, wiped them all up, not a problem!

Washed my counters and my stove, not an issue! And got it really clean! I even used it on my bathroom counter! I changed it a bit and sprayed my shower with it before and after a shower and no more soap scale or film on my shower, tub, or shower curtain. I used it to wash my walls and it got rid of the yellow moisture stains that appeared at the windows when it was humid or extra rainy. I added a few drops Lavender, peppermint and any other essential oils to take the smell out of that vinegar, and it was nice!

I highly recommend this accidental awesome cleaner to try:

All Over Cleaner and Fruit Fly Killer:

2 tbs Dawn Dishwashing Liquid Soap

1 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar

A few drops of any essential oil

4 Cups Water

Put in spray bottle and clean away!

Shower Spray:

1 1/2 Cups of Apple Cider Vinegar

5 Cups of water

A few drops of essential oil

Put in a spray bottle ans spray before and after a shower or bath and the film is gone!

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Love, Hearts, and Pretty Things

Ashton ❤


4 thoughts on “Homemade Cleaner By Accident

  1. This is a miracle cleaner I have been using for a couple years now, isn’t it great!?…I love that you are giving this old school tip some new life!…So here’s an old school you might need someday. If you get any pee or puke stains on your carpets, douse it in baking soda and let it dry under a towel for a day or 2 (I know…in the meantime it will look kinda messy) then once it’s dry vacuum up the baking soda and BOOM….you got a clean piece of carpeting again! :D…I also tested it on old stains too by spraying vinegar on the stain to soak it and it worked!


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