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Hello Fresh Review

Just a note… This is not a sponsored post, just a review from a busy on the go mom of 2 trying something new.

I have seen this type of service pn a few of the vloggers that I watch on YouTube but I never could find anything in Canada, until I saw Hello Fresh pop up on my Facebook feed… And another “The chefs plate” but I opted to give Hello Fresh a try and today my first box was delivered!

So when you first go to sign up you can choose between the :

 I, of course opted for the family box. Now my first complaint, you can only choose a family of 4 for the family box, now yes I do have a family of 4, but one of my four is a 2 year old who eats less than half an adult sized portion and the other is 6 almost 7 month old only just eating purees with very basic flavor pallets. So that leave 2 people (most of the time one) with a lot of left overs, good thing you only get 3 meals a week per box. You are shown 4 recipes a week and you can select the 3 you would like for that week. 

Then the fresh ingredients come to your door, via purulator, in a cold insulated box with a card for each recipe, and each recipe in a nice portioned box properly labeled. The only thing not put in the nice boxes is the meat, that is packed with the freezer packs at the bottom of the box. 

I made beef stroganoff with crimini mushrooms and peas for supper. So this is what I will show you. This is the inside of the box, and this is the meat that was stored separately… 

Now there is very little prep work since everything is pre measured and all the ingredients are at your finger tips, you are given a menu card that tells you the propper way to prepare everything in front of you.

Then on the back of the card , (i will only show sections due to the fact this is not sponsored and I don’t want to get in trouble for showing off their recipes…) 

Included is what allergens are in each meal and a list of tools you will also require from your kitchen. 

The instructions were laid out very simple and easy to follow. My 2 year old helped with most of the minimal prep work that was required. The one thing that I will praise Fresh Box for, is they stick to what their name says. 

Now, my kitchen was a disaster before so I did not take any cooking pictures, I will when I cook my next meal, and as a mom you get to eat after the little ones so I didn’t get to take a picture of the finished plate because, it did not look as good after sitting there for 30 odd minutes, but let me tell you, that was a very delicious meal! And even re heated it still tasted so good, and I normally hate re heated pasta with flaming firy passion! But this was awesome, I have 2 large Tupperware containers almost full of leftovers and I am ok with eating this meal again tomorrow!

Also, might I add, my son normally eats only one helping or half a helping of food, most dinners, this one he had 2 good sized helpings and was very happy with it!. 

If you are a busy mom, dad or grandparent and you know there are a few  days you wont have a lot of time to make a great meal… From start to finish this supper took 30 minutes and was great, so instead of going for that Big Mac or Whooper on the run, give yourself 30 to 4p minutes to prep and cook an awesome healthy fresh meal for your family!

And here, if you click the link I will ass at the bottom you will get $50 off your first week of meals. You can cancel at any time amd you can even skip weeks when you are away or its the holidays and you are to busy to eat thther meals provided, and you will not be charged for that week you skip. 

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Love, Hearts, and Pretty Things

Ashton ❤


4 thoughts on “Hello Fresh Review

    1. I love cooking I hate prep work lol. It just takes so long, and I have a clingy 6 month old and a 2 and a half year old who gets into EVERYTHING lol. So this turns supper from an hour or hour and a half fight to 30 minutes… 45 tops. I like it. I cant afford it every week but you have the option to skip weeks you don’t want it… Or don’t like the meal selections that week.


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