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We Survived The Worst Of 2017

Now I know that title is a bit extreme given its only the… 3rd week of January, but for the past 14 days its been less than ideal in my house.

I normally have THE BEST support system around me, my parents are close, my in laws are close, my grandparents are in the next town, and my husband is home for 7 days after 14 away… Well, his days off were the past 7 days, but things didn’t work out how we wanted them too….

The 7 days prior to him coming home I caught one MOTHER of a head cold…. And I know when us moms get sick we should show no weakness, because that’s when the kids gang up on you, and feed off that weakness and make you wish you could drink with your cold meds….

Well, I showed weakness, and my 2 year old ran with it. He started climbing on things he shouldnt, he started picking on his sister like he never did before, he wouldn’t eat and would throw food everywhere… He even started standing on my foot stool and jumping to land on mommy if I dared to accidentally dose for a millisecond….  (and I know it was never longer than 3 minutes because we watched Mickey on re run and he would shriek for toodles every time….) 

Now, in a normal case I would ask my mom or a close family memeber to give a small hand… Well…. My grandparents are snow birds and were back in California, my parents were making use of a trip they won at a silent auction and were in New Orleans…. My in laws were working ridiculous hours, and I was in this mess all alone…

And lord help me, I felt alone, the kids didn’t sleep, didn’t wanna eat and Princess Tally caught the cold…. Then Spud started with a small cough and the sniffles, it was coming…. And boy when it showed up I was less than prepared! Husband got home and it was like the flood gates of sick kids opened up, Spud had the worst hacking wet cough I had even heard him have, Princess Tally had he first cold and wasnt handling it at all, we actually had to take to the hospital, she was choking on mucus and couldn’t fully clear it… No matter what we did. So after 4 hours there she was fine… Back to 100%… For 24 hours.

It seemed at the hospital her and I picked up a stomach bug, and anything we ate or drank came out…. Well less than pleasantly. Then my husband got called out to an emergency job, leaving me sick (again) alone with a son with a head cold and a daughter who I had to force feed and make drink so we didn’t have to go to the hospital, again…

Well, my parents came home in the mean time, with two massive head colds and couldn’t help…. So here I was forced to mom up… Again… And do what I needed to do. You know what, as terrible and alone as I felt dealing with this, I powered through and felt like a stronger more empowered mom. Like I could do anything, but clean my house.

My husband came home from a 3 day stint for 2 days and the day he leaves for Camp, He catches out 24 hour stomach bug!! Then, after my mom helps and cooks dinner for us, SHE CATCHES THE STOMACH BUG TOO! 

It wouldn’t stop! It was a terrible cycle of getting over one thing and catching another thing… We have been illness free for 48 hours in my house between me and the kids…

We also have not left the house, I have decided to become a hermit and never leave the house for risk of another dose of the plague to hit my family.

(please ignore the Cheerios I had not vaccumed yet that day.)

Ok I am being dramatic I know, but you never know how strong you are until you are forced to mom up and do what needs to be done! 

Now, my house is slowly getting back into order, and I am planning my first Huge coupon grocery shop for Saturday, I will keep you posted on that!

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Love, Hearts, and Pretty Things

Ashton ❤


10 thoughts on “We Survived The Worst Of 2017

  1. It sucks when you are sick and all the littles around you are sick too! At least that’s behind you and hopefully, doesn’t loop back around! I’m sitting here waiting to see if my son gets anything because he was around a little boy who was coughing and sneezing a ton while they were all eating! Oh joys!


    1. Yay for kids! Lol after my daughter was sick she stopped wanting solid foods! (shes 6.5 months old) and only just started wanting them again yesterday.
      I hope he doesn’t get anything! Fingers crossed for you.


  2. Been there too. haha Just proves how strong us mom’s can be. Being a parent is the hardest job of all, you can’t call in sick or give up or quit. lol Hope your all feeling better now and back to enjoying life. I’m following your blog now, you can follow me too if you want.


  3. Girl I feel your pain! You sound like me dealing with my 6-year-old on a daily basis. It’s rough but I think that’s just motherhood! I write a post about my struggles every day and the lessons I learn through them on my blog. You should check it out! You may or may not find encouragement through them for days such as this one! Thanks for your transparency! I hope it all gets better and stays better for a while! No more sickies this year! I will pray that specifically for you and your family. Blessings to you! I am going to link my blog here but please no pressure to read!

    Liked by 1 person

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