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My Pre and Post New Years Goals.

Thia is me freshly showed at 12 am December 26th, and I am in a panic. 2017 is going to be my busiest year! I have a 2 year old turning 3 in June a 5 month old turning 1 in July, I have to find work by May, I also need to find child care by May. My husband is working out of town 14 to 21 days at a time all next year! 

And Christmas just finished and now I have to many toys and boxes and clothes for these 2 kids! I am happy that they got spoiled but what about next year? And the year after when the toys get bigger and louder! 

I am gonna purge toys tomorrow… I am gonna work hard and re organize my whole apartment before the New Year! I want to go into 2017 much better than I did than 2016!

My 2017 goals is to get my son into many learning activities in the library, swimming lessons, and have him make some friends. I am going to volunteer at my old NICU as a peer supporter next year as well. 

I want to build my website in 2017 and help others and build a small community for resources and support. 

I want to actually use my day planner properly and make it work for us! I want to have date nights with my husband and need my mom less to help with the kids, I want to try and be super mom this year….
Wish me luck!!!



7 thoughts on “My Pre and Post New Years Goals.

  1. These sound like some wonderful goals! Isn’t it crazy how a new year can make us reflect, and think about who we want to be? I’ve been doing a lot of that these days as well, especially since I recently found out baby #2 is on their way…surprise! It’s overwhelming, for sure, but you have this in the bag, mama! Best of luck in 2017! ❤


    1. Congrats on baby number 2! We were surprised with both our babies, they keep you on your toes…
      I have worked hard and got 2 out of 5 rooms done so far….
      I hope you get all your goals accomplished in 2017 as well.
      Best of luck in 2017 for you too.


  2. You have wonderful goals for the rest of this year, as well as 2017! Remember to pace yourself and take things one at a time. I know it’s overwhelming and whenever I think of everything I need to do at once, I have to remind myself to take it as it comes and tackle one thing at a time. What a blessing to have two little boys who love and need you so much!


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