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Christmas Time

This year is the year!

My son is now 2.5 years old and is excited for Christmas…. In a way…

We have him excited for Santa and we got him excited to decorate our tree this year…. And really this is our first year with an actual tree…

In the 6 years my husband and I have been together (dating, living together and married life all included) we have only evere had a small 2 foot tree our cats killed on a regular basis…. And a pop up tree the first year we rented the house… And those were the only 2 years we ever decorated… 

We saw it as, we never had anyone over for Christmas so why would we go all out and break the bank? And our sons first 2 Christmas’ were a bust because his first one, we were fresh out our super long hospital stay… And last year he still had no idea what was really going on…

This year though, this year we got him excited about Santa, we went to the Mall and got to see Santa and he was so excited… Until came the time to sit on his lap… Then he wasn’t so sure. He never cried though, he was just unsure or unimpressed….

Or a little of both….

But we got him to write to Santa and mommy sent it away. He likes to lay under our tree when it is lit and look at all the lights, he LOVES to rearrange all the ornaments he can reach on the tree. We have no glass ones and the breakables are at the top of the tree.

We haven’t had the courage to wrap anything yet and put it under the tree as of quite yet, just because we have seen this kid at birthday parties…

So this really is the year!


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