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Kids Are Too Strange

​So, We have been having an issue with baths and my daughter…

As you may know, she is creeping up on 5 months old and I have wanted to transition her from sink baths to the tub with her brother. Well it doesn’t seem to matter where she has her bath she will scream bloody murder!

I had neighbors ask me, jokinly, if I was killing my kids one night because she was screaming so loud and frantically. 

I always check the temperature, i always have 2 to 3 wash clothes so she can have a make shift blaket to keep her temp even. It got to the point where I thought she was just terrified of water! 

Well, after a particularly long day I didn’t want to do 2 separate baths and wanted the kids in bed as quick and as painlessly as possible. I put Tallys Bath chair (which looks like the bouncy chairs) in the tub, stripped spud put him in the Tub, stripped Tally and she was good till her toes and bum touched the water she began to flip out. 

Spud who was playing and splashing around stopped and watched his sister just starr raising holy hell. He scoots closer and takes his face cloth and starts washing her toes and talking to her. Well more like babbling to her, and she calms right down he washes her belly and she laughs when he hits a ticklish spot. 

I am just blown away way at this, he splashes and picks up her hand to show her how to splash too… And after a few minutes he had her splashing and laughing too. I don’t know what happened but ai am very happy it did.

Sometimes you just need some sibling love. 


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