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New Year, New Me, Take #2

I know I have said this before, I think I have said this every year since starting this blog that I was going to write more and be a better presence on Social Media, but…. That didn’t happen because life got in the way, I have 2 kids I am raising on my own for the most part as my husband is gone out of town for work 95% of the time.

I know it seems like I am making excuses, and in a way I am…. But I am trying to get this “single but not actually single” mom thing down… Trying to balance the needs and wants of a 2 year old who will try to “help” mommy in every situation… And the needs and   wants of a 4 month old…

I know as a reader you look to these blogs and hope we can give you ALL THE ANSWERS when really we can’t… We can tell you what worked for us and suggest things we have seen in our day to day. But then again this is not a self-Help blog, this is a mommy of a former preemie, now also a full term baby, trying to find balance with family, friends, home and life.

I mess up, you should see what I post on mommy forums sometimes, I feel guilty that after a long day I would rather sleep with the kids than do my dishes or vacuum, but I still spend 1 to 2 hours cleaninh before bed… But that’s what moms do, we decide what’s best and sometimes…. What’s best for everyone comes as a sacrifice for our health and sanity. 

I bought my Planner for 2017, I have started planning out January already, planning my social media strategy… 

We will see what happens…. I know last year I gave myself unrealistic goals for this, this year I think I did things Different. I think I have created obtainable goals for my blog and all social media platform’s I am part of. 

I am going to try and ease my way into my 2017 plans during the month of December…. And tweek what is needed to fully enjoy a fun, productive 2017.
Hope to hear from you soon



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