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Growing Up Preemie

My little 1 pound 12 oz 11 inch long preemie isn’t my little baby any more!

We have been living in this apartment since August of this year and we are just getting furniture back from the storage locker tomorrow.  And before that we had a single bed in the living room serving as a couch….


It’s now my sweet little Spuds big boy bed. He is growing up so fast! He now gives me attitude with words, tells me when he has to go potty (not all the time but we are making progress.) and now he has a big boy bed in his room.

Tonight was his first night in his big boy bed…. And it wasn’t that bad at all, really I swear!

Bed time routine is now Bath, picking out jammies, story (all three part of old routine) now we tuck in and snuggle for a little bit before the kiss goodnight also. 

I was prepared for a fight, it only took an hour before he fell asleep!

He woke up 2 hours later, called for us and went back to sleep before we go there. And 4 hours after that I go to peak he has gotten on the floor and is sleeping with his Wuby (special blanket) and Batman pillow lol.

I just left him cause he looked comfy. How long did it take other moms to get little ones to sleep in the bed all night?

He is only 2 and makes me so happy.

His new favorite place to play is his room. I might be able to keep all his toys in his room.

Our Living Room Now

And I cannot wait to have a new TV stand our love seat couches and our chairs all set up. 

I am also sorry about not posting, hubby has been home from out of town and I take nightshift with kids and he is up all day.

Hope to post again soon.


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