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Small Things That Melt The Heart


My 2 year old son made my heart hurt with pride and joy the other day!
We had my 6 week old daughter on her back on her fuzzy play blanket and I was laying down beside her. My son was watching Mickey, turned and saw us and ran off to his room, and came back with his jungle book, book. He sat down on the blanket beside her head, opened the book and started “reading” out loud. 
At first, I thought he has been doing it because he was jealous….. Then he flipped the book around and showed her the pictures!!

Hubby and I tried to grab a phone to take pictures…. The one time! We missed it….
Then he went to touch his forehead to hers, his way of giving her a kiss….. He came down a bit hard and scared her… I scooped my daughter up and didn’t scold him just tried to remind him to be gentle…. He walked up to me and her, leaned in and gave her a hug, and his version of a kiss.
He is the best Big Brother I have evee seen!
And she loves him just as much back…. This has happened a few times so I know its not a fluke….
Since my daughter is still to young for the grandparent sleep overs my son goes alone and My daughter stays at home with us. 
She is prettt good at staying on schedule…. Last bottle and bed by 10pm doesn’t wake up till 4 for 30 minutes for a quick top up and back down till 9….
In the 6 and half weeks she has been alive my son has been gone 3 weekends… And every weekend he is gone she is up and down at bed time… Fussing and wants to sleep in my arms with her brothers fuzzy blanket and not in her bassinet, no matter how much we try she refuses to sleep in her bed like she normally does. 
And it only happens when my son is gone, so hubby and I think its because she misses him.


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