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Family Traditions

Family Traditions….. How do you start your own? 

Everyone has them growing up and some kids take them and do them with their families, others start their own… But how?

I know there were a lot of things I did growing up around Christmas that I would love to do with my kids, and I am sure my hubby does too… But with the bouncing around between his side and my side…. How do you do them?

Well, something happened this morning that I would love to do every Saturday and Sunday….

Hubby got up and made Spuds breakfast of plain cinnamon waffles… Then let him out of his bed, well seeing as I was still in bed with Princess Tally, and the bedroom door was open, Spud took charge and joined us in bed sitting at the foot…. Then daddy brought him his waffles and Orange juice to eat while mommy turned on Mickey….

This is happiness to me, and I want this to be our weekend traditions… Is this how they all start?


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