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Big Boy Attitude, Big Boy Room

​I think, a way to make mommy feel better about losing her littke boy is to redecorate his room… But its small, a rental and I don’t know how to make it nice and functional with some sort or cheap theme…..

When you walk in this is what you see….

The change table is going to come into our room once he has his big boy bed, big boys don’t need a change table. The doll house in the corner, my grandpa made that for me when I was his age. We are using it for books, toys and some clothes..

His closet has his toy box, and his old jumper…. He has a walk in closet… Lucky duck…

What do I do to his room…. Why do I do to help me come to terms that my little boy is gonna be my little man… So very very soon….

I wanted to put push lights in his closet or string lights to create a nice reading place. He loves books, he loves music…. So maybe buy a small radio just for him…

He likes, trucks, Dinosaurs, Harry Potter, books and music…. So is it smart to kid theme it or turn it into a library music party room.

Or, mismatch… Please…. Help a mama out! 


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