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Growing Up

Is there anyway to stop your kids from growing up? To keep them your sweet little ones just a little bit longer? I feel like i blinked and these past two years flew by, he’s not my cuddle bug anymore. He doesn’t wanna fall asleep in my arms or just sit on my lap and watch t.v., he doesn’t want help eating or colouring anymore. He’s a big boy ans wants to be treated like one….

This is why we are starting potty training, and possibly moving him into his big boy bed…. Oh, the potty training I am OK with, i mean you can only wanna wipe someones poopy butt so many times a day…. But this big boy bed….. I feel once that is there I am gonna loose my little spud all together.

He is already a sweet, caring, happy little boy. He cares when people around him are sad, he cares when people are hurt. He wants to make them feel better. He wants to fix it all, and I don’t think I am ready for my sweet man to grow up. But it’s gonna happen, I put on a smile and a brave face when we talk about it, but on the inside I am throwing a tantrum any 2 year old would….

I’m not ready, but really, is anyone?


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