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Potty Training….. Step One.

Well, we bought the Potty…. And he doesn’t seem scared of it…. We were gonna start step one of my “Perfect Potty Training Plan” today, but we hit a bit of a snag…. Our town broke the main water line…. Twice.

So this put a boil water advisory into effect for the town for 72 hours, and when the water turned back on it flushed all this sediment into our lines breaking our shower, sinks (bathroom and kitchen), and you guessed it our toilet doesn’t work proper… So I didn’t want him playing in our bathroom if the toilet doesn’t flush half the time. 

But we did bring the potty out for inspection, so he wont be scared of it…. 

I think it went well… Seeing as he disassembled it in record time, even for him. We also let him pick out his big boy training pants…. 

He got excited for Cars…. He is a typical boy and likes cars and trucks! And as we were leaving the “big boy” part of the baby section in Toys r us we cam across these….

I am hoping so much so that it will make the transistion to big boy underoos easier than making him think he is still in a pull up.

Well, like I said I will keep you posted on this disaster waiting to happen. 


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