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Starting To Potty Train

Pray for me….

Spud has started showing signs he is ready for the big boy potty…. And I have been doing A LOT of research on the topic, online, books and other moms. But the one thing I know is what works for some may not work for you. It something you know as a parent…. But the prospect of potty training is terrifying to me. Mainly because, with my son, I do not share the same equipment as he does… That and all most all the sites and books say boys are harder to train than girls….

So I have a plan… But we all know that things don’t always go to plan, so I am willing to deviate from my master plot…

 1. As Spud is taking off his diaper these days I am gonna put him in pull ups at night due to the fact they are harder to pull off…

2. We are going to put the “big boy potty” in the bathroom all set up and let him ‘examine’ it for about 10 to 15 minutes.

3. Everytime mama or dad have to go potty, we will invite him to go potty on his potty at the same time. Cause lets face it… We don’t go to the bathroom alone anymore anyways.

4. Start the potty chart and reward system. Now I think my son, personally, would respond more to instant rewards rather than adding stickers up to a bigger something…. This is coming from a mom who has given her 2 year old chores for allowance….

5. Lastly… Pray this system doesn’t take us longer than 4 months to complete… 
I am not worries about the grandparents following through with what we want done. They are both pretty awesome at sticking to our routine and wishes when it comes to Spud. But what I am excited about is, once he is potty trained he can go to a lot more “big boy” camps around town, make friends and be more independent.

I know the more experienced moms are laughing at my plan saying “good luck” with a chuckle… But like I said before, I am not apposed to amending the plan as needed. 

Pray for me?


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