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Potty Training And Chores?

Spud is two and a bit now, he is a big brother, an awesome big brother! He can be the biggest help or a giant pain in my butt like most 2 year olds. With Spud being a preemie there are some delays and he doesn’t do things or reach milestones like a normal 2 year old. So when it came to getting him to help around the house and when to start potty training we needed to take cues from him.

For helping, when his sister cries he get there before me and fixes her blanket, he tries to give her, her suss or even her bottle if its in reach for him. 

He also is the typical big brother in taking things away from her. But he also sees the baby in diapers and since then he tries to get out of his diaper every chance he gets. There have been more than one time where i go and check on him at night to be greeted with a big bare bum up in the air and his diaper launched out of the crib. We are also noticing that he is more curious about people going potty and what goes on in the bath room.

So after a long talk with hubby, and a chat with my mom on tips on how to potty train, we are starting that on Friday! Also, yesterday I started getting him to help me with other things around the house. Cleaning his room and putting things in his toy boxes, and he loves having socks put on his hands and he will go around dusting things. 

His very important and big boy chore is putting all the silver ware in dishwasher and taking it out for mama. When he does that he gets a toonie to put in his very special very awesome…..

Ham the Piggy Bank! Complete with authentic cork stopper, once he has put his money in there he carries it around asking everyone to look and see what he got.

I am not going to pay Spud to go potty though…. I will bribe him just not 100% with what I think is normal…. I would like potty training to be easy and consistant as I can make it. I am gonna make a potty chart and post it on here when I am done.

Because as much as my hubby means well… He will give in nin to anything our son wants, and this needs to work and be followed by everyone.

Fingers crossed for me !!


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