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New Mom Of Two

I have the million dollar family. A Mama, a Dada, a fantastic little 2 year old boy, amd a brand new sweet squishy little girl. Thats what they call this, a million dollar family, and my husband and I both come from million dollar families. 

We are told many stories by our parents of what we use to do with our siblings since we are both the older of the two kids. I was 2 and a bit when my brother was born so I would get mom to put him in my baby doll stroller and push him around the house following my mom. My husband was 4 and a half when his sister was born and she was born sick so he couldn’t do much and actually built resentment up against her and his parents because they were always gone with her and had to take her to yhe bigger hospitals in the city away from their small town. He was left with his grandparents, who he loves so much, while his dad was out of town and his mom would leave and deal with a very sick little girl. By the time she was over it all the damage had been done. Don’t get me wrong he loves his sister and parents but the sibling rivalry was a bit more intense when they got older, and that was an underlying cause. 

I am terrified Spud will resent us, but the way he is acting out is driving me nuts. There is no listening, playinh with plug ins, destroying things, taking off poopy diapers and painting with it. He tried to put fat cat in the oven…. Don’t worry it wasnt on. He is refusing to eat like a big boy, he dumps his food smears it around on his tray and eventually it ends up on the floor…. Very little ends up in his tummy.

We are also seeing some regressions in his talking. He use to say so many words and try and mimic everything we said and did… Now he just yells and throws a fit to get his way. We have been ignoring the tantrum part, and telling him we wont help him until he uses his words, and thats a hit and miss method, but the guilt is real on my part. I know this is because of the baby. We don’t give one more attention than the other, we try and have one on one time with Spud once a week, just so he feel like we still have time for him. 

I am still learning on the fly out here… Parental advice is nice and can be helpful but every kid is different…. Lets hope we can get through this.


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