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A Letter To My Daughter

To My Sweet Newborn Daughter,

I want to take this time to tell you how much I love you and how you have already brightened my world even more. I also want to tell you how sorry I am.

You are my second born, I will try and give you as much one on one time as I can, but your big brother will require a lot of my time as well. I am sorry for wanting to wake you or poke you every few hours, for making you eat more than you would like. I want to say sorry for wanting to check on you and carry you more than you would like. 

You see your brother was born to early, to sick, and you were born on time and not sick at all. We got scared and got delt scary things with your brother, although you couldn’t tell now. And because of this your daddy and I are going to want to check things and panic more. 

Normal families, they get more relaxed with every new child, but because of the scares and uncertainties with your big brother, your mommy and daddy get more and more panicked. But you will always be loved. You will always be safe. 

Your brother may have days where he will not want to share mommy or daddy, where we are holding you or feeding you, he will want us to put you down and hold him close instead. Some days i will snuggle you both, some days I will tell him no, but honestly there may be a day or two that I will put you down to hug him, and just saying that pains me. 

There have been great days lately that your brother would rather help and feed you and sooth you that makes my heart melt.

I hope he will be your best friend, and your protector. 
All my love, hopes and Dreams



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