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Long Time Due

She is here! 

Tahlia-Rose came into this world on July 15th, after being induced 32 hours of labor, fighting with my doctor, and my very first C section I should have had with Spud, she came screaming in at 7 pounds 13 oz 20.5 inches long. 

And hubby didn’t miss this one. He was by my side through it all! And it was worth every nagging hour he spent with me.
On Wednesday the 13th, I was only one day past due date but I had been having massive bouts of hypertention the last 4 weeks as well as dialated 2cm with no progression in sight. So my Dr booked me in for induction at 730am the next day, because of the issues with my blood pressure and increased heart rate.

At 8 am they give me cervital, make me stay for 2 hours for observation then sent me on my way. Well, hubby and I went to my moms to hang out with our son who was staying with them while we did all this. By 11 am my contractions were 2 minutes apart so we went back to the hospital they checked me out and said I was only 3 cm dilated now but can’t admit me to the hospital until either my water breaks or I get to 4.5 cm… Plus she was still to high up in there, they sent us away at 7pm.

So we went home, hubby went to bed and I sat in the livingroom watching TV in to much pain to sleep. At 12:30 am I got up to go pee and my water broke, I bolt upstairs wake hubby up and we hop in the car and drive back to the city to have our baby. We get there get checked in, they check me I am at 4 cm Dilated contractions still 2 / 2.5 minutes apart.

They asked what my birth plan was, and all it was, was I wanted drugs and hubby wanted to cut the cord. Well they wouldn’t give me any pain medication until I was in a birthing suit, and I was a ways away from getting in one of those. So they made us walk….

Around while I looked like this…. 3 hours we did laps like this waiting for a birthing suit and drugs.

By noon we were in the birth suit and I was getting hooked up with an epidural. I had just started hurting more and more by that point so it was nice to have that. 

I passed out so hard in the bed by that point I didn’t realize that my back and neck was getting messed up. And I couldn’t move without shooting sharp pain that was almost debilitating, they were trying to get me to roll from side to side because Tahlia was squeezing her cord and losing oxygen. They topped up my epidural and it caused massive shooting pain down my back because of the tense muscles and adrenaline…. By 5 pm I was only at 8 cm and she was still to high up in the canal! I had been in labor for 30 hours with her not descending, the dr on call and resident made the call to book me for a c section due to lack of progress on her end. 

At 645pm my dr came in for the night and said he would like me to wait another hour or 2 because he wanted to see if she would progress naturally….

31.75 hours of induced active labor and he wanted me to wait, now I was having back spasm, her heart rate was dropping… I made a mommy call and lost my mind on my dr and nurse and demanded this baby out of me NOW! And we faught….. Hard 

They could not top up my epidural until I went into the operating room, and I felt pain until 745pm…. After that my hubby came in and got to hug and hold our little girl before me, I got the shakes so bad after we were worried I was going to drop her. She came out screaming a little after 8 pm after 33 hours of labor and being cut open…. So worth every moment…

Including this one…

Sexy Dr man. 

I will try and post more but I leave you with a picture and a promise of a new perspective on parenting lol.


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