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Pintrest Fails

I always wanted to be the Pinterest mom… And from a few past blog posts you guys knew that too… And by the title you guys know how well that panned out aswell….

But here I am… Just over 2 months away from Tater Tot arriving and changing Spuds sleep schedule before she gets here so I can have at least one hour of mommy nap time. And now my husband and Father in law are working Monday to Friday 10 hour days about an hour away, my Mother In law wont cook on those days because she is tired from work, and my doctors are thinking about restricting me even more than they already have…

I am going to have to turn to Pintrest again and look up a bunch of freezer meals I can microwave, put in a slow cooker or toas quickly in an oven… Because if I dont make this last attempt work… We wont be eating much in our house.

And since I am the only one not working, I should be doing more… But due to being the only one caring for Spud full time, while making sure Tater Tot cooks to full term, I dunno what is possible right now.


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