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It Was A Great Day


Evening Everyone!

We had a fun little day today, ya know after waiting in my Dr office for an hour longer than I should have… With my impatient husband and an almost 2 year old who is always on the go…

After 45 minutes my husband decided to take Spud back to the car, crank the AC and watch land before time 2 on the dvd player…. Who ever said they were a waste of money can bite me… I got to keep 2 of them quiet longer than normal it was awesome!

Anyways, the reason why it was great was because we found out that all my tests came back normal and little miss tater tot is doing awesome!  I am cooking her for just over 30 weeks right now, that to me is the best news ever. I could cry… Well i think I did.


And since I have never made it this far… I thought swollen feer were bad before… I am walking on poky marshmallows…. They hurt, my hips hurt, my back hurts and Spud still wants to climb up and cuddle and be carried…

Would I trade any of that? Hell no! I love every minute of it.

I know this started out happy but, here in Alberta we are going through something terrible… Many of you may have heard about the forest fires that are taking down most of Fort MacMurray, I have family friends who are getting displaced and there are many places taking donations…

I will write another post in the next 2 ish days with more details. I have to get back to the running around trying to rest today…

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this tragedy and hope it is under control very soon.



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