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Bed Time Dilemma

Good Early Morning Everyone,

Hubby and I have entered a new dilemma and are unsure how to proceed. Spud will be 2 years old actual in June, but only 20 months corrected. He currently fights bed time but only slightly, due to the fact he is behind bars at bed time, he also only knows maybe 20 ish words at this time.

But with Tater Tot due in 10 weeks, or earlier knowing my track record, we are thinking should we get….



The toddler bed!

Now the reason why we are debating this is because he is close to getting one but not 100% there yet, and with little miss coming soon do we want to transition him now and move his crib into our room for her….

Or, buy this!!!!


The bassinet!!

And allow spud to stay in his crib a bit longer until we are very sure he is ready for the big boy bed, while little miss tater tot sleeps contently in a bassinet in our room.

I don’t know how many parents have gone through this debate, and we are already lost because at this point with Spud I was no longer pregnant and we were worried more about is he going to get off the vent, and is he going to get a big brain bleed to worry about what type of bed he should be sleeping in at home…

This is all new territory and need some help on what to do…

So please, help a mama out lol.


2 thoughts on “Bed Time Dilemma

  1. Can you talk to him about it? “Hey spud, you’re a big boy now. Do you want to sleep in a big boy bed?”

    My preemie is an only child so I’ve got nothing in terms of experience lol. Good luck


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