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Discipline… Is He to Young?


As many of you know, this is Spud. He was born 16 weeks early and had a rough start in life. He will be 2 in June and is starting to be a bit more defiant, independent and mean.

I am seeing a lot of articles on parents going to extremes to discipline their children, like the lady who tossed her kids ice cream for not using their manners, or the “meanest mom in the world” who is selling her daughters truck as a form of discipline, so this begs the question how young to to young to start disciplining your children.

Now I am gonna put a disclaimer out there that this is just random facts I have seen as well as my own personal opinions, If there is science behind this I will post the article link at the bottom.


Spud has starting climbing on things that are to high and dangerous, grabbing things that could hurt him and hitting people/animals when he is frustrated or doesn’t get his way. Now, my husband and I have implemented the 3 strike rule (depending on the offence), and once we hit 3 he loses the toy, or goes on a time out. For hitting, its right to time out. I have been criticized by certain people as, starting discipline to young, because he may not under stand what is going on.

In my eyes, if he knows what no means, understands when mommy or daddy gets up, after no doesn’t work, and boogies away from the task or sits down fast, he knows what he is doing wrong and understands what he is doing is wrong. (FYI picture of the high chair…. Hubby was arms reach away after photo was taken.)

For time our we sit in our bed and lose all the stuffies and the wooby for 2 minutes, because we go by the age time out to start, if it continues we add a minute on. In a day we have only had to go up to 6 minutes, well with him still awake, we have established that once the hitting starts he is tired and wants a nap anyways.


This is spud and his Wooby…

But now I pose the question, how young is to young for discipline?

I am not a spanking advocate, but I am not apposed to one smack on the bottom if needed, I wont do it to my 2 year old, but if need be when he’s older who knows. Now don’t jump down my throat about it, I was raised in the spanking generation, the threat was there, and boy was it real, but you know what I can count on my one hand how many times I have been spanked. And everyone was more than likely well deserved, I remember hearing stories about my “almost spanking” when I was about 5, and that would have been a time I deserved time, but thanks to my childish comedic timing, with the line “No dad! Its not in the script!” I escaped with just a grounding. I still hear that line at mass family functions, and from relatives I see every few years… I can’t escape it 23 years later.


This little man, is going to be a little man. Boys will be boys, but I am raising a little man, he will be someones boyfriend, someones husband and someones father, I want him to know right from wrong, I want him to know what respect is, how important sharing is and all of that.

But how do you teach right from wrong without time outs, and losing toys? Even mild forms, not always the drastic spanking, help shape his mind.

How young is to young for discipline?


One thought on “Discipline… Is He to Young?

  1. You are doing it right in my opinion! I started doing the same thing with my daughter around 18 months. If you don’t teach them how to behave then you have people running around thinking it is ok to be awful human beings.

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