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Bye Bye Daddy


I have been semi lucky with hubbies job, ya know minus the constant threat of being laid off and being laid off since…. January….

But he has been home every night and has been a super awesome hands on daddy even after a long day at the “acid mines” as he calls it. Well he got a call for a temporary placement but a chance at some great money, so of course he took it. He will be gone as of next Tuesday for 10 to 11 days, and its not a camp job they are putting him in a hotel with a kitchen.

Now I don’t know about you ladies but my hubby doesn’t cook anything besides hot dogs, grilled cheese… Macaroni… My husband cooks and eats like a toddler, and his idea of variation of food is ordering pizza or picking up a burger.

So I think on Monday I am gonna cook all day and make him a few meals portioned out in Tupperware or glad ware… Ya glade ware, he’s not losing my good stuff… So he can have a few healthy meals… But still eat pizza and burgers a few nights. Cause lets face it… He’s gonna do it regardless might as well face that fact.

I’m thinking stir fried rice with chicken, a few burger patties, home made yogurt/fruit/granola cups, maybe some freezable burritos made at home. I will try and take pictures of my meals and post them on here.

I am trying to be a Pinterest mom, I made cinnamon monkey bread last night…


This was the picture on Pinterest…


This was mine. Not too terrible if I don’t say so myself. Tasted awesome. So I think I am gonna Pinterest all hubbies travel meals and snacks.

Wish me luck ha ha ha!

Thanks for reading!




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