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Oh The Mom Style


I was never really a girly girl before I got married and had kids. I wore some makeup and my hair had 2 styles, down and brushed or the pony tail. I actually showed up in yoga pants and a loose blouse for the first date with my now husband. There was no bluffing what he was getting into, but he stuck around. And now that I am pregnant with number two and have an almost 2 year old running around like a loony toon, my hair is in a bun with a head band all day and in a bun at bed time… Because god forbid I find time to shower more than twice a week….

I tried to shower the other day with the bathroom door open the baby gates up and toys placed in the right places… That lasted just enough time to do one quick wash of my hear before he busted the baby gate and was half way down the stairs to help the dogs bust in the garbage…

You would think with 4 adults and one baby would help and we could share the time
.. But that’s a pipe dream with work and normal running around its just spud and I…

I live in PJ pants and over sized tank tops… I ordered some fun summer maternity dresses because I hate pants… I’m getting to big for them… This will be awesome mom style ha ha.


“Mommy what are you wearing?” ha ha ha

Thanks for reading!




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