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Good Morning Everyone!!

I decided to take a break from my normal whining and complaining about stupid people and my own personal issues. (to some extent, didn’t expect me to change over night did you? LOL) to talk about some ideas I am trying to implement to keep my ever busy son, even busier.

Spud has a knack for getting himself into trouble these last few weeks, because we have moved into a smaller area with more people. So his whole play time area has been down sized from our whole main level and his room to just a living room that he also has to share with his new best friends, Sadie and Bo, the labradoodles! (Side note my phone tried to autocorrect Labradoodles to Labradoritoes, its funny at 1:30 am!)


Here is Spud with Bo!

So, I need to find things for him to do that are safe for him,safe for the zoo of animals, (which is the 2 big puppies, 2 senior cats and out 4 year old cat), compact and easy to clean up…

Here is what I like so far…


Spud loves to rip wiped out of the bag or box if it left unattended within his reach, which I am safe to assume most children do, as well as tissue boxes and things along those lines. So I am thinking that maybe I will go to Wal-Mart or the wonderful world of Oma (My grandma) and get a few chucks of fabric and make my own pull box for him. But this can go one of two ways, it will either have him always go right to his own little pull box every time (HA HA HA, I actually laughed out loud at that thought.) Or, the second, and most likely option, it will make all the Wipe Boxes and bags, as well as tissue boxes more vulnerable, I will keep you posted on that battle.


I am thinking of setting this up on the bare wall with painters tape, we have taught him how to put money in Piggy banks I think this will be more fun actually watching them fall into the Tupperware container at the bottom. This we can also turn this into a colour coded activity eventually as well. So it should be fun to try this one.


I really want to do this one, well anything with felt really, because the Velcro would help him create without the mess. I also saw this as a Christmas tree that he can customize as he sees fit. The purpose of the Christmas tree one is to deter him from going after the actual Christmas tree, but again… we will have to play the wait and see game on that one.

I also have a gift card for Home Depot and I am wanting to make him a busy board with all kinds of locks, latches, and push lights. I have heard that if you talk to the people there, and tell them what you are doing they will get you the pre opened and “damaged” product at a discounted price, just a little tip for you. I will post pictures of Spud playing with all his new fun things once I am done.

Hope to hear from all you lovely readers soon!

Thanks for reading!




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