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Bad Mom


So I was messaging a “friend” who is a relatively new first time mom. And we started talking about the funny things our kids do at nap time.

Now bear in mind, Spud is almost 2 and her little one is just hitting one.

I was telling her that spuds new thing is playing in bed for the first 20 to 30 minutes yelling at us for 2 to 5 then sleeping for an hour to to 2 hours.

She started telling me how she has to hold her little one for the whole nap time or else “they wont sleep at all.”

I said that must be tough, and she is awesome for doing that. We did that for the first bit for spud but then we let him cry it out because it was getting to hard on us.

She asked how long we let him cry for, we said every 5 to 10 minutes we would check on him at first, then after a while it went to 10 to 15 minute checks.

And appearently Thats all it took for me to be a bad mom in her eyes…. I shouldn’t be having a second because I couldn’t even deal with one kid at nap time… How can I deal with two…

I mean really? I am a bad mother? With everything I went through with that little boy, the worry, the heart ache, the PTSD I have because of that… Just because I wanted my son to be able to self sooth a bit at 6 months adjusted age and not have him rely on me as a pillow…. Or a bed… I am mom, i feed you, clothe you, bath you and change you. I care when you are sick and will do everything in my power to fix the owies. But when you are just mad because you are over tired but still wanna play… I’m ok with letting you cry it.

No I am not a perfect mom, but I sure as hell am far from a bad mom.

So F U… My so called “friend”!


Thanks for reading!




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