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PTSD Flash Backs are real.

I am having sever PTSD flash backs tonight.
The first day my son was home on O2 he slept in the bed with me while my husband was At work. And we both had been dozing on and off most of the day and he was super quiet. His RT came over and during her assessment she notes his colour looked off and and his breathing was shallow. When she hooked him up to the pulse ox it wasn’t reading and he stopped breathing. She had to do CPR and I called 911 and met the first responders at the door. He is fine happy healthy 2 year old now, but I keep playing the what if thing in my head.

What if she didnt come that day…

What if I slept through my son stopping breathing?

What if… What if…

I don’t know why this is popping in my head tonight… But its breaking my heart.

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