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A Big Pregnancy Milestone

Today marks me being pregnant for 23 weeks and 2 days with Tater tot.

My water broke with Spud at 1:30 am June 13th 2014, while I was 23 weeks and 2 days along with him. While I was able to hold on another week before going into full blown labor this is an unnerving thing for me.


And as if my doctor and fate knew what today was… I have a 45 minute repeat ultrasound today at 1:30pm. I am hoping they find NOTHING but there is always that little stress and voice in the back of your head telling you and reminding about everything that could and did go wrong during your last pregnancy.

But she is so active and moves a lot even without sugar in my diet. She is also long for her age and they have been telling me that since I started getting ultrasounds of her. And she is a mover and a shaker, which is why I have had to repeat EVERY ultrasound. She refuses to sit still for any of the measurements.

She is warning us of what is still to come. I can’t wait to meet her and hold her… But at the same time… Yes I can.


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