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Busy… Busy… Busy…

Well I know I said I would try and update more this year but… Well shit hit the fan.

We had to move our whole house to a storage unit and a few boxes to our in laws house, then clean the whole thing, we are also trying to find work for my hubby.

The only thing that has been awesome and happy is we found out we are having a little girl to go with our little boy.

And our Spud is in heaven with his new friends here at Grandma and Papa s house, they have 2 large labradoodles.


They are so good with him and are sad and look for Spud during nap time. Our Little Bijoux is hiding away from the big dogs in the basement until they go to bed for the night.

We are finally moved out and moved in now its time to get into a new rhythm.

I wish I could say more but there is a lot going down but I am to tired lol.  Once we have a new rhythm I will try again.

Love you all



Thanks for reading!




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