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Mobile Moving Toddler

He’s only 19 months old…

But the state of my house… He might as well have been 19 years old and threw a rager in my living room….

And now the internal battle starts… Do I follow him and clean… Or do I wait for bedtime or nap time and power clean after running after him and cooking all day.

I am now a stay at home mom and its hard adjusting to that new routine… And ya know the sleeping through the night thing.

The dead car that was sitting in my drive way for 2 years finally got towed away, and we also had to re home two of our three cats.


Penny and Lemonhead are now living with my second cousin and his daughter going to keep the mice down in their house. They may get trained to go indoor/outdoor, I don’t know, and we thought that because Spud was so young he would be quick to move on from his first fur friend.

For the last 20 minutes he has been crawling around calling for his fur friend Lemon…

Nothing is making me hurt more than watching that, I am trying to keep him busy but he still wants his kitty. Bijoux is scared of him or else he would be OK I think.

I am hoping that when we move in with my MIL and FIL they have a fuzzie who may play with him the same way as Lemon, finger crossed.

I will post again soon.




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