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Happy New Year

Quick post for you all….

Sorry for being MIA but this is a quick post posing a big question.

I am 13 weeks pregnant with our second little one. We had out son who is 19 month actual 15 months corrected at 24 and 2….

Since we started telling people… 

We told early because we thought I was 15 weeks not 12… Scan proved otherwise…

There have been a few people who are making back handed comments like “maybe you can cook this one longer”, or “lets hope you keep it up there this time.” 

The main guilt most preemie moms feel is “what did I do to cause this? Is it my fault my baby had to fight so hard?” 

And in most cases the answer is no, but when people make these comments it brings up all those feelings again. Making, well in this case, me feel like I am failing my children. 

Does anyone else feel this way? Did anyone else go through this? How did you cope?

I will post again soon



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. First of all, congratulations! My wish for you (and all other preemie mamas) is a huge bump and lots of sleepless nights from that little gymnast!

    Second, I’m so incredibly sorry that people are trying to make light of your previous birth experience. Call them out. Please. Let them know that there is nothing you did or could have done to prevent what happened last time. Most of my comebacks contain the F bomb, but here are a couple that are more G rated.

    Rude person: maybe you can cook this one longer.
    Awesome preemie mom (you): why do you say that? I wasn’t aware that I had done anything to cause what happened last time.

    This puts them in a position to try to justify their comment. Which they can’t.

    Rude person: let’s hope you keep it up there longer this time.
    Awesome preemie mom (still you): why would you say something so inappropriate and hurtful? And/or there was nothing I could do last time and your comment is incredibly insensitive and rude.

    Again, force them to try to justify themselves. Also, that second comment is absolutely disgusting. “Keep it up there” is just an awful thing to say in any situation.

    I’m so angry for you.

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