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Cold, Fever, and the Preemie Mama


Any Preemie mom will tell you that her biggest fear is the dreaded cold. Actually any mom will tell you that is a fear, but us preemie moms hate it more because a small cold can turn into a HUGE problem. Our little guys won’t have a proper immune system until they are closer to 5 or even as late as 10, and that’s not saying they will catch everything…. Cause some wont, but in most cases most will.

DJ went to my parents Friday night and was staying till supper Saturday, Saturday morning my mom called me to say DJ had a mild fever, well preemie mom brain going into over drive…

Is it :
-Lung infection?
-Head Cold?
-Something much worse?

The night he came home it was just a fever by day two we had a fever, runny nose, cough and to add insult to injury he had teeth coming in! We cant give him Tylenol due to his chronic lung disease, Advil was a no no because of his blood pressure issues… So we had to resort to homeopathic methods till today.

I snuck him into our family doctor and he said we had an ear infection, mixed with a head cold and teething. His lungs were clear and sounded great. Phew!

So we put him on the meds and go home… But my mind is still going a mile a minute… What if it does go into his lungs now?

What if

What if

What if


And its now 330 am and I am scared to sleep, because I’m scared my son wont be awake in the morning. I dosed off for 1 hour and woke up panicked, I had to go into his room and cuddle him to assure myself that he was OK and he was getting better.

This is often misdiagnosed as mommy anxiety but its not. And there is no medication to calm you enough that you stop worrying about your child and that is the struggle with this mental illness. Not that you want to stop caring about your child, but you want to not panic at every illness.

Kids get sick, and I need to remember that if I wanna survive his childhood.

Till next time



One thought on “Cold, Fever, and the Preemie Mama

  1. Good post! You’re right that this is a pretty regular concern for preemies. For whatever reason, we got lucky for out little guy’s first 18 months or so. He never even had a cold that was bad enough to take him to the doctor for. Then this past spring, he got sick and it was pneumonia. Not trying to frighten you further, just saying that the worries are verified. Just know where your local children’s ER is and you will be fine if something happens. Thanks to medical science everything was just fine. Read more about it here if you’d like:

    Take care!


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