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Preemie Baby Bottles (Product Review)  

There are a lot of issues that Preemies have when it comes to feeding, some take to it like a fish to water, others need that extra help where even a slow flow nipple is to much milk/formula at one time for them to suck, swallow and breath. In the NICU they put you on a Bi-Onix bottle which is nice while you are there but they are not readily available for the everyday person outside of the hospital. This is where the two bottles I recommend come into play.


For the narrow lighter bottles I would recommend the Dr. Brown bottles. They are easier to teach your little one on how to hold the bottle for themselves and they have a low flow system in place internally so you don’t have to solely rely on the nipple to o all the work for you. That is a pro on that, but there are a few Cons on that. The Preemie nipples are hard to find and most times need to be ordered online from either the Dr. Browns website or Toys r us, and even then its hard. There is also the many parts that make it hard to clean. The tube in the middle has been the bane of my existence since I started with those. But they also work so well when you are transitioning from the hospital bottles to a real bottle that mommy’s can buy.
Places I have notice that carry these are the website itself, Toys r us and now Wal-Mart has started carrying them. They are about $35-$40 for a box of large 3 with just a regular step 1 nipple but no preemie one. The preemie nipples come in a 2 pack for $10.00. There are also soothers and special Sippy cuts and such by Dr. Brown but the bottles are good, the hospital we were at actually helped us transition from the Bi-Onix bottle to the DR browns before we went home.  I give this probably a 3 out of 5 just because its expensive and harder to clean with all the working parts to keep it low flow.


Another good bottle is the Born Free collection, they also have an internal mechanism that helps prevent formula or milk from flooding your little one while he or she is eating, They are mainly glass but you can get them in plastic. They dot have the long tube like fixture like the Dr. Browns and are a lot easier to wash and keep clean. They are priced at $11.00 for one bottle or $30.00 for 3 of them, the nipples and parts are easier to find at, Superstore, well any Lobla store, Wal-Mart and Toys-r-us store. The Nipples are easier to find and come in a more variety. The glass bottle makes it harder for you little one to learn how to hold the bottle for them selves, so you will have aide a bit more. But really I like these ones more because it seems like DJ doesn’t have to work as hard to get more formula out of the bottle, the Nipple wont get plugged like the Dr browns when you introduce a pabulum to thicken the bottle.


They are both very good bottles and will work great for any little one coming home from the NICU, but my advice try those while still in the NICU so you know before you go home that they will work best for you and your little one.
Thanks for reading, and we will talk to you later!



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