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Birthday Parties and Harsh Realities


We went to our first birthday party yesterday, it started at two and was suppose to be done at 5 but due to some unforeseen circumstances, the party was moved and went on till 7. Which is OK because I got to see people that I haven’t seen in a long time and meet their little one and have a few people meet DJ.

It was also an eye opener for me. There was a little girl there who is only 1 month older than DJ and she is walking, running, talking and acting like a toddler where as my little guy just mastered crawling. And that broke my heart a little because my son is still far from that, but doctors are telling me how great DJ is doing and he is normal… He is normal for a 9 month old even a delayed 10 month old. But not for the 14 month old child he really truly is.

He is happy and semi mobile and loves food and is starting attitude but he is far from the independent 15 month old i saw yesterday, and that brings me back to my reality. We are not a normal family. We are a preemie family and that means normal does not exist. We don’t do things like we should. We do them earlier, we do them later. We never do anything on time! And it takes that small reminder to myself to smile and accept that my son has beaten many odds to get where he is today, and he is allowed to take his time doing the normal stuff since he worked hard and fast at the abnormal stuff.

After that pity party was done we enjoyed the party and got home an hour after bed time..

So we were cranky and tired…. So I put hubby to bed and focused on the hyper, sugar crazed child in his room. Changing the diaper was like wrestling a king cobra and a bear at the same time…. He wouldn’t have any of it.

Finally in bed and sleeping with his bottle, I go to bed….. In the morning I get up and 5 to quiet…. 6 hubby leaves…. Still quiet….
7…. Nothing. I peek in and he’s snoring away. I think ‘score’ i get my kitchen done and cook something to eat. 8 rolls around still nothing!!! So I decided to shower… Cause that’s what mommy’s love, kid free shower time.  FINALLY! 8:30 it awakes from his slumber, beyond hyper and ready to go…

Its 2 and I haven’t stopped…

Send help coffee and wine!!



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