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The Selfie……

I have joined the selfie bandwagon…. And My Instagram in proof.

I started my Instagram account for the same reason I started the Blog, and my twitter (That is another obsession for another blog post), to share the growth and triumphs of my, former 24 weeker turned holy terror, I call my son. But Social Media is addicting and I have given into the craze.

Grant it its only been 3 days of maybe 6 selfies, but still… Where did my need to take before and after getting ready pictures come from? Where was my mind when I said the internet needed to see….


This when they log on to Instagram? I don’t even want to see that when I look in the mirror half the time! I mean…. I don;t even know why I am sharing this here… I must really want to stop myself from taking more selfies.

Here you go internet! Enjoy this picture! Its the bad side of Selfies!

I am going to try and post things more relevant eventually, when I have time between ya know, work, my messy house, my demon spawn, I mean son, my man child, I mean loving husband, the fur demons, Cats I mean they are cats……Oh and lets not forget the selfies… Ya actually lets forget the selfies…

Until Next time!



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