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One Scary Type Wake Up Call


There are many scary things about being a first time mom to a preemie baby. The main thing is scared you will wake up one morning and they haven’t, the first 4 months he was home I don’t think I slept. Then you are worried that there are underlaying problems that you wont know about until they get older…. Then you start worrying about them getting sick, or is it this that and the other thing, you are disinfecting things and making sure no one is sick around your baby…. That you in a small kinda way forget they are gonna grow up and catch up to other kids…. The way you realize that is when you walk into a room or look down at there crib and see this….


This is a real eye opener that my son has grown up and I am terrified! This scared me for the obvious reasons of his playing superman out of the crib… But also because I forgot to sit back and enjoy my little guy. And i missed the baby stage.

As scary as his infant months were… I want them back, I’m not ready to me a mommy of a toddler when I just got use to being the mommy of an infant.


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