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Bad Blogger….

So its been a few days since I posted a blog… Here is a photo of why…


This little man…. Is crawling….I know some of you are thinking “But he is over a year old! Why is he only just now crawling?”

And I know those moms who don’t read or know about the delays on preemie milestones, NEVER FEAR! That’s why I am here!!

Well not really, but I will share my small knowledge. My little man is 4 months behind a 1 year old in milestones because he didn’t cook his las 4 months in my belly. So he may be actually 13 months old… But really he’s 9 months developmentally… So its normal for a 8 month old or 9 month old to start crawling around now.

He has also decided that naps are for the weak…. Well Spud mama is weak and looks forward to her naps more than you know….

Working full time…. Being a full time baby mama…. A full time fur baby mama…. And a disaster of a house…

I have decided my husband and I need a house wife. Someone who will cook and clean for us… Play with the baby when we are at work… Ya…

We are now accepting applications to be our house wife!!

Also, if you couldn’t tell from the picture, yes I put my son in a forward facing car seat. He meets height, weight, and muscle requirements so we turned him around with the O.K. from our doctors.

And we now have 4 teeth…. When does teething get better??

I have to run…. He found the pots and pants!!!

Send help!

Lots of Love, until next time! 


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