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Very first zoo trip.

We went to the zoo…. Now for most parents thats a scary daunting task on a Sunday with a 1 year old. But here is my story of taking my little animal crazed minion to the Zoo.

Saturday i worked from 1130pm to 730am Sunday got home and loaded my son in the car and left at 830am to drive 3 hours to the zoo. We met up with my preemie mama / sister wife. Her little sweet pea and her sister. We spent 5 hours at the zoo, playing laughing having so much fun…


Seeing the Tigers and Lions, was the biggest thrill for DJ because his new word is Cat… And he loves cats.

He also loves his aunty if she would let me I would share the photo… Maybe next time.

After we were done i packed up little one and drove 3 hours back home after stopping for donuts for my boss and hubby at a special donut place. Then I handed my son off to the hubby and slept off my long exciting day by 9 pm.


The zoo was the best day i could have hoped for him. And worth the lack of sleep.


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