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I am Mommy Hear me….


I am going on week 4 of being back to work and my house looks like it….. I have been neglecting my house work and even cooking… Pizza isn’t as fun 3 nights in a row…. I am lucky to get 4 uninterrupted hours of sleep in a day…. And my son has developed mommy anxiety and will cry if anyone holds him….

My girlfriend, who is a rock star, is currently on Mat leave and is watching my son for 2 hours every morning while Hubby goes to work and I get off of work. She does this with a little one at home, and she is also a first time mom. I love our morning catch ups because its the time of day where we compare mommy notes.

Yes, there is 9 months difference in our “start dates”,  and we had a different trials and tribulations while pregnant, and very different birth stories. But that’s just on paper, we have known each other for 21 years…. TWENTY ONE!

Yes there were gaps where we didn’t talk in that time but we always knew that if we needed it, if it was 2 hours or 2 years, if that phone rang it was a matter of minutes till we were there with either a hug, knife or body bag and a plan for each other.

That mommy chat time every morning is what I like, and she has her life together in one aspect and I have mine together in another. With that combined knowledge we will become an unstoppable mommy team. If I could keep my house as clean as hers or stick to a schedule as awesome as her… Frick life would be awesome….

But I am the mom who has to buy/make/update a day timer/calendar once a month…. I barely remember appointments if they are booked to far in advance, and although I never forgotten to pay a bill…. I don’t have a set bill paying day and my utility companies must HATE me for that…. There is a point to this post although it may not seem like it because I have reverted to my scatter brained posts like when I first started blogging….

My point is, no matter how busy you are in a day, pick a day…. One day either a week or a month…. And make some mommy time. And I mean mommy time with other mommies! To either have a drunken vent session (which will only happen once if you have a child to wake up to the next day.), to just to compare notes on how you manage your life post baby, or even to bring a new or expectant mom some comfort and tips.

Make mommy time, its worth it in the long run. Maybe you will make a new friend through that mommy group, or learn a new trick, or teach someone something. But you wont know unless you try.

Make mommy time happen !!

Lots of love


(FYI… The picture…. What happens when Mommy Time gets a little Wild!! Ha ha ha)


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