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Hitting The Mommy Wall

I think I hit a wall, the mommy wall. I have only been at work going on 3 weeks and I feel like I hit a wall and am ready for a nice long vacation.

But your a mommy, a mommy to a little boy that has been fighting since the day he was born. You are not just a mommy you are a preemie mommy, you gave birth to your hero and helped fight battles when he could not.

You are a Preemie mama, who has been fighting along side your little micro preemie since day one, and now that he is done fighting and ready to play you have to work to give him all those things that you promised him while he was fighting.

Its OK to be tired and burnt out, but don’t stop while the good stuff is getting here. Don’t sweat the small stuff and stop thinking you hit a wall. Mommy’s don’t hit walls. Mommies get more and more awesome as their kids grow. 

Keep calm you’re a Preemie mom.


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