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Trying to be Organised


My house and my life is a giant cluster of awesome mess. I always thought i was gonna be super mom, like my mom, and manage a house, cooking and cleaning, keeping the kids and the hubby happy…. All the while working full time. Well that is a pipe dream!!

My mom is incredible to manage all that, but I haven’t come close to that yet, and I was off for a year!! She found strength and energy and i don’t know how, but one day I will figure it out.

But aside from organizing my house I’m trying to organize my life. I have always been on the hunt for a daytimer or planner that works for me and they always come up short. So I have decided to make my own with a could note book, divider tabs, markers and some fin pens. I know its strange making one that starts in the middle of the year but I have never claimed to be normal.

But I started work in the mid year seems only fair so I can balance my books, my life and appointments starting at that time as well….

Does anyone else find it hard to work on a planner and a budget?  Did you crack the code? Please let me know and once I am done I will send pictures.

Sorry for the crappy posts. Thanks for the read!!!

Ashron M Taylor


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