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I Never Thought….

As you can tell from previous posts I have been trying to figure out if putting mothers of sick and/or Premature infants in a separate postpartum area is plausible in the eyes of the government.

I wrote over 150 emails….. Well sent the one I posted over 150 times to different MLAs in Alberta. I got a fast response from one, he wasn’t my MLA but asked for consent to pass my concerns on to the Health Minister, which I gave him very quickly. I then got responses from others stating they had passed my email along to David Eggan, my MLA.

I received an email today, I am having a pre meeting with his Office Administrator on either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Then possibly a direct meeting with David Himself.

I never expected things like this quickly and I am aware that may be a stalled cause, but I will fight to the bitter end!!

Thanks for letting me share the update.



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