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Many Ideas

Ever have those days where your brain is running a million miles and hour with ten million ideas on how to make the world a better place… or just a new way to clean your house? Well that is what is happening to me today, and the main idea I am wanting to work on is making things a bit easier for moms of preemies or moms who have delivered sick children.

As many of you know once you have your child, they are whisked away to a nursery to be given the once over by doctors and nurses and all that fun stuff. Mommy is then sent to the postpartum wing of the hospital waiting for the on set of visitors and for the nurse to bring the baby around. But did you also know that, moms of preemies, sick babies and stillborn babies get out in the same wing and due to shortage of beds are sometimes forced to share rooms with the happy family that got the ending you had been dreaming about.

I know this because I lived it, but I was also lucky that one of  the postpartum nurses was a friends I had gone to school with from kindergarten to grade 9, and also that the lady I was sharing a room with was so kind and understanding that she would leave to feed her little one and never had visitors or the baby in the room while I was there. But that’s a rare case and many moms have to sit and endure the happy family while you wait on news of how your little one is doing, or wondering what the cry of your little one would have sounded like. Its not fair, and before you go into a lecture on how life isn’t fair, I get that, but imagine being that mom who hears the babies crying down the hall while yours is in another wing of the rather large hospital fighting for his or hers life? You cry yourself to sleep, you are more prone to postpartum depression in the months that follow.

With 1 in 10 babies born premature these days, that’s a lot of families getting shuffled in with happy ending families. If hospitals could find a place closer to the NICU or another level to the Postpartum wing for us, with our social workers coming there to meet us and giving us some support there. Or have nurses there who can watch the moms a bit closer for symptoms of postpartum depression or even just an ear to listen. I know that this whole thing is a pipe dream, but what can it hurt to write letters and ask the questions on why this isn’t something in the works.

I do live in Canada where we have free health care (to a point), and I know everything is government funded, but why not write the letters to your MP or MLA and see what their stance is on this topic. I have posted the question on the What To Expect When You Are Expecting website, on the preemie support thread and moms of preemies thread, to see what their thoughts on the whole thing is as well. I am hoping to get some others insight on the topic so I have some more stories to put in a packet I am putting together to submit to the Hospital we were at for 6 months as well as ones for my MLA and MPs. If you wish to help me please email me at, with your permission to use your story in my packet, and if you wish I can mail/email you one for you to submit and tweek as you see fit as well.


Thank you for your time.


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