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I Now Have A Toddler.


Yesterday was a very busy and long day, my miracle baby went from 1 pound 12 oz born 16 weeks early, to a beautiful happy 1 year old 17 pound little boy. This past year has shown us many trials and tribulations as well as many triumphs, and milestones past.

We were told when he was 5 days old to get in as much time as we could with him because they don’t know how much longer he would be with us.


He proved them wrong. Then we were told that our son was going to be mentally slow and “retarded” by a professional in the field. He made this assumption the first day of meeting my son but today he is talking and getting so close to crawling, eating and drinking like a big boy.


Yes we came home, with oxygen and had many appointments and people to see. Lots of needles and medicines, and not being able to meet as many people as we would have liked. But he is a people boy and loves social situations, I know we are incredibly blessed and we will not take a single day for grant it.


I love my little man and would not change the journey we have been on as a family in any way. It has made us stronger as a whole for the long run, please little man keep surprising and entertaining mama and dada.

We love you.


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