First Day As A Working Mom

I had a great day yesterday. The hubby and the baby didn’t destroy the house more than it already was, and I got to catch up with a lot of co workers I haven’t seen even before I was admitted to the hospital. I got some refreshers on a lot of the new policies and procedures but mainly had fun. Today is the day I get to work and get watched, but I can manage that.

I came home from work and my Hubby was beat and saying how tired he was and how long his day was! Like I had done for the past 5 months! But after the complaining was done he gave me a hug and said he respected what I did with our son, apologized for giving me the hard time while I was at home and he was working. I am happy Hubby got to experience just a small taste of what I did for months, but didn’t get half the things done that I normally do ha ha ha.

The only thing that I still need to get use to is bo more mommy nap time! That first nap of the day, DJ and mommy use to cuddle up in the big bed with a book and read and we would both fall asleep for a few hours and then get our day going. That is the hardest hurdle to get over I am finding at 9 am to get over, so I have a new found love and respect with coffee!

I think besides no naps I can get use to being a working mom.

Wish me another good day today!!

Ashton! 🎶:)


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