Today Is The Day.

DJ and Hubby First Night Home

I am officially a working mom at 7:30 am this morning….. And I am nervous about leaving my son with my husband the next two days. Dont get me wrong I know hubby loves him and will do the best he can, but its that new journey we are all taking together that’s making mommy go nuts. I have been his main constant in his life since day one in the NICU, I have known what to do without a second thought since he came home from the hospital. Now I have to trust the hubby with his weekend physio and play time…. I am losing my mind with what is going to happen.

Ok Ashton…. Breath, you married very capable adult, he is a great problem solver and knows what his son does and doesnt like. He will feed him and let him nap when he is suppose to and if worse comes to worse thats why they invented the telephone, and I only work 15 minutes away. Good thing grandma and grandpa are on call as well.

Ok, panic averted… Now I can focus on what this really is… A break from 100% baby time and its adult time, I can talk to an adult about sports or music and swear and not worry on if my now mocking bird of a child is going to attempt to say the bad word. I get to see my co workers I have not seen in a year and olay catch up with them. I feel bad I never kept in touch with a lot of them… There are a list of excuses but none worth repeating. I was a poor time manager and made the choice of making me preemie baby number one in everything I did and everyone I saw. He will be a year old and hasn’t even seen all my family that lives out here, because I am going to shape my child future and opinions early, I know that sounds wrong but thats another post for another time. Ok well I am going to finish sleeping for another 4 hours then get ready for work, and start my life as a working mom.

Wish me luck, I will let you know about my first day back…

Ashton 🎶😊


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